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Why Avoid Back Pain Medications?

Whatever the infirmity is, the first solution that comes to everybody's mind is medicines. Most of us consume assorted OTC pills really confidently without any consultation for everyday problems like back pain. However have you ever stopped to give a concept about the effects of these pills that you pop in mindlessly? Well, nobody does! However you have to know the explanations why you should think before consuming any such pills.

Side effects are perhaps the most important reason why you should stay clear of any back pain medication. Irrespective of which medication you are taking, it doesn't come without its equal share of side effects. NSAIDs sometimes called Non Steroidal Anti inflammatory Drugs utilised for sciatica and other forms of back pain have several side effects. These include nausea, gut rot, giddiness, puking, urinary retention and breathing depression among a few others.

Most back pain patients have to get into the long term use of these medicines due to their obstinate back ache. The long term users are way more in peril as these medicines are a threat to the immune reaction. A weak immune reaction means increased sensitivity to sicknesses. These medicines have also been noted to adversely affect the heart over time.

If you don't wish to be drug dependent, then you have yet another reason to steer clear of these discomfort relieving medicines. Your body slowly and gradually becomes accustomed and ultimately resistant to the medication you are using. The result is you need to change to a stronger medication after a little time. Over the long run, you end up being dependant on these medicines. You need to appreciate that these medicines do not treat sciatica or for that matter any other kind of back pain. They just numb the discomfort temporarily just for it to return later.

The incorrect cocktail of drugs could seriously jeopardize your health as well. Do understand that each medication works differently and they may or may not suit your constitution. Therefore, if a selected medication suits your pal, it may or may not be as successful at treating you. Prescribed drugs from consultants do not guarantee results either and therefore, you could have to try several different ones to find something that will work for you. Doing so, might end in many side effects and at last cause a drain on your general health. So, if you'd rather avoid such a predicament, stay away from back pain drugs and instead, try some effective home remedies to cure your problem first.

Now you know why you have to avoid the OTC medicines. You must rather try natural remedies to treat your sciatic or other forms of back pain. The base line is, back pain medicines aren't an abiding solution and they don't seem to be the cure. You must consider them only at the time of pressure..


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